Going Postal Easter Family Weekend

This weekend sees the Going Postal Easter Family weekend. Focused around giving all the junior Postal’s a fun weekend of playing together, easter egg hunts and laughs while the team and their families can unwind and relax together.

One of the core founding’s of Going Postal is that we are a family team. We are a family in all but blood, looking out for each other on and off the field and making sure that we spend time together, our kids play together, we laugh and we cry together. This weekend is about that. Beers are drunk, food is eaten (in GREAT quantities!) and kids laugh and play……happy days.

Massive thanks to Garage, Claire and Tegen for hosting!

New Virtue VIO goggles available at BZ



Lots of the team very keen to get their hands on these to try!

Kursk @ Bullswood Skirmish


“12″ new date announcement coming tonight at 7pm!

Just got off the phone from the MOD… Update on Going Postal’s 12 hours hardcore scenario game at Copphill Down FIBUA site. Details released tonight 19.00.




1016830_1428779237368923_1488130560_nName: Daizee

Real Name: Anne

Years playing: Team newbie

Preferred Marker: Whatever she can convince Witzy to let her use….

Where will he usually be found at a game: Talking…..a lot…..about anything!

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