Where Paintballers Dare – Copehill Down

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Going Postal are very pleased to launch their first game of 2012 – the long awaited return to Copehill Down Urban Training Village in the heart of the Salisbury Plain training area and the largest FIBUA site in the UK.

Taking place from the 6th to the 8th of April 2012, this unique location will host 250 lucky paintball players in a feast of activity.

Where Paintballers Dare!


Leading the British Allies will be Col.Timboy
Leading the Germans will be VonTripleCC

Leading a handpicked French Resistance will be LeSpooney


On the Friday afternoon we are proud to introduce . . . . the

Tippmann CQB Challenge

Your four man team will be armed with Tippmann TPX pistols and will be charged with clearing a multi-room, multi-level building. The team with the fastest time wins! Careful though, time penalties will be added for missed targets or hitting friendly targets. There will be no extra charge for this but only limited places. Bookings for these places will be announced closer to the time.

Your TPx’s will be fitted with Plasmalights taclights, it might be dark in there!

Plasmalights CQB Torches


There will be small walk-on style games throughout Friday afternoon and a Friday night game to get you familiar with the site.

Saturday’s scenario will start at 10am and run continuously through till 4pm.
There will be a short break and then we will feature the highly anticipated clash of titans, the Niallist v Blakey dual. One TPx each, 6 shots, last man standing wins!

Then there will be the Saturday night game.

Sunday’s scenario will run from 9am through till 2pm.


Trader support comes from:

Tippmann Tech Support Tent


Demon Paintball

Demon Paintball

S-Wasp Paintball

South West All Scenario Paintball

Plasmalights – we love their taclights!

Plasmalights CQB Torches


As usual, pyro’s will count for kills in this game with rules to be explained in the players pack.

Both Demon Paintball and S-Wasp Paintball will be selling pyro packages at competitive prices.
Pyro will be capped for health and safety and insurance reasons at MK5′s and multibangs. Do not bring anything larger as it will be confiscated.


The players pack with game details, arrival times etc will be released one month before the event.


There will be limited camping for the event and will be on a first come first serve basis. When you have purchased your ticket, PM GoingPostal and request a camp pitch. There are no showers onsite and the “facilities” are what you would expect for an MOD base in the middle of the Salisbury Plains.


Catering will be provided by the MOD’s onsite catering contractor. We are awaiting a confirmed price list for 2012 but last years prices where very reasonable.


This will be a clear paint event only. Paint will be the excellent Sterling Claymore clear ball and will cost £30 a box and should be pre-ordered after you book your ticket on the Swasp website. Only paint purchased for this event can be used. Any other paint brought on site will be confiscated. ABSOLUTELY NO COLOURED PAINT CAN BE USED ON SITE. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR MARKER BREACH, LOADER AND PODS ARE ALL CLEAR OF ANY COLOURED PAINTBALLS.

We recommend buying and securing your ticket before purchasing paint afterwards. There will be a deadline on paint sales which will be approx 3 weeks before the event but confirmed closer to the time.


All this for £50!

Both sides tickets will be available here. Tickets will go onsale at 7pm on Friday the 6th of January, get them before they are gone!

We highly recommend you register on the site before the 7pm kick off as it will greatly speed up your purchase. There is a £1.20 processing fee that needs to be selected at at the shipping step during checkout. DON’T SELECT THE £4 RECORDED DELIVERY OPTION! We would like to point out at this point that no physical ticket is sent. You will receive a confirmation of your purchase from the swasp store.

Payment can be made via Debit or Credit card through the Swasp website.

We recommend buying and securing your ticket before purchasing paint afterwards. There will be a deadline on paint sales which will be approx 3 weeks before the event but confirmed closer to the time.


The chronograph limit for this game is 250fps.
All markers will be chronographed before the games start.
Random checks will be carried out during the day.
Once game on is sounded any marker found above this limit, the player may be ejected from the game with no refunds.
There is absolutely NO dry firing in the safe zone.
All test firing or dry firing must be done at the chronograph station or on the field.
Goggles must be full face, of an approved style and in a safe condition to play.
All guns must have safeties on and barrel socks in place before leaving the game zone and entering safe and food areas.
Any unsafe, irresponsible or dangerous action, as deemed by the event staff will result in you being immediately excluded from the game.
Although not compulsory many of the site buildings are very dark with no lighting, we highly recommend a gun mounted flashlight for this event.
Marker Firing Modes
Response Trigger systems will be allowed.
Ramping will be allowed to a MAXIMUM of 12bps. (use responsibly)
Fully Automatic or Burst Fire modes ARE NOT PERMITTED.
Paint Grenade launchers are allowed if CLEAR paint is used
Smoke Grenades allowed outside only, (NO SMOKES INSIDE THE BUILDINGS)
Flash bangs allowed only up to a MK5 rating, any explosive pyrotechnics count as kills in the BUILDINGS and also in the OUTDOOR GAMING AREA’S (rules to be explained on the day)
Barrel Tag where possible

Please note: Keep in mind that some of the games you will be playing will be very close quarters and the chance of you being shot from just a few feet away are very real, use barrel tags if you can.



NB: This is not a standard paintball site. This is a working military base and as such a level of behaviour is expected of attendees. Abusive behaviour to any of the staff or MP’s on site will see you walked off either by them or by us. We are able to use these sites at the kind behest of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and we will not tolerate any behaviour that jeopardizes future games in such settings. There will be a STRICT no dry firing, no pyro and no stupid antics policy in the camping area. If you breech ANY of these rules you will be given one polite chance to pack your gear and remove yourself from site or you will be removed either by us or the MP’s. There will be no refunds and a ban from any future Going Postal organised event for any breaches of this warning.

NB . err 2. As previously stated, this is a live operational MOD facility and as such is subject to last minute changes in booking if operations require it. Therefore there is a very, very, very slim chance that our date might be changed with very little notice. As this is the Easter weekend this risk is considered very, very small. It goes without saying that all tickets would be valid for the new date.


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Thanks to Tony Martello from the Pups and S-WASP paintball for hosting ticket purchasing and paint ordering.

South West All Scenario Paintball

Thanks to Paul Banks from Tippmann Europe for his support and for providing Tippmann TPx pistols for the CQB Challenge


Thanks to Mark from Plasmalights for providing their excellent taclights for the CQB Challenge.

Plasmalights CQB Torches

Thanks to Swiss for his mad logo skillz!