The Siege – Copehill Down

The Siege – CopeHill Down

ImageGoing Postal are proud to launch their first game of 2013. We return to Copehill Down Urban Training Village for ….

The Siege

April 6th/7th 2013

This year will see bigger, louder and more of everything! The hardcore scenario event of the year! The leading teams will be pushed to their limit, the missions will be harder, the action more intense.

In the civil war torn eastern European country of Genericia government forces struggle to contain the rebels. Both believe they are fighting for the freedom of their country but only one can win.

After months of fighting the war comes down to one critical battle, the capital is under siege. Can the rebels break in and liberate the supplies they desperately need, rescue their leaders and broadcast their propaganda out to the country or will the government forces quell the rebellion and restore their own brand of order. At the beginning of the battle the government forces are completely encircled. Can they survive?


Saturday’s scenario will start at 10am SHARP and run continuously through till 5pm.
At 7pm there will be a pyro, flare, fun filled Saturday night game. You will be required to have a taclight or torch to play in the night game. We recommend Plasmalights as our first choice vendor if you need one.

Sunday’s scenario will run from 9am SHARP continuously through till 2pm.


Leading the Government Forces will be The Dog Soldiers
Leading the Rebels will be Tippmann UK

Also introducing the UN Peacekeepers the Dirty Half Dozen and The Wild Geese.


Trader support comes from:

Tippmann Tech Support Tent


And the wonderful chaps from BZ Paintball



As usual, pyro’s will count for kills in this game with rules to be explained in the players pack. Pyro costs and packages will be announced closer to the time. Pyro will be site supplied only. Do not bring your own pyro. Offenders will be removed from the site, no refunds.


The players pack with game details, arrival times etc will be released one month before the event.


There will be limited camping for the event and will be on a first come first serve basis. When you have purchased your ticket, PM GoingPostal and request a camp pitch. There are zero facilities on site as you would expect from an MOD base in middle of nowhere.

The camping site is directly adjacent to the MOD guard building. As such there will be rules in place to respect them and allow them a good nights sleep.
Drink is allowed on the campsite but we would ask that you be respectful of those camping around you. If you are sick you WILL be cleaning it up.
Lights off and quiet will be at 11pm. After this time we expect you to make minimal noise and keep your lights off to allow those around you and the MOD guards to get a decent nights kip. Failure to abide by this will see you walked of the site.
No dry firing in the campsite.
No setting off pyro in the campsite.
No stupid antics in the campsite.
These rules may seem harsh but they are for everyone’s benefit and will allow us to continue to use one of the best paintballing venues in the country. Abide by them or you will be removed from site with no refunds and will be banned from future Going Postal games.


Catering will be provided by the MOD’s onsite catering contractor. We are awaiting a confirmed price list for 2013 but last years prices where very reasonable and pretty much the same as 2011 so we do not expect any dramatic changes.


This will be a clear paint event only. Paint will be £32.50 a box and should be pre-ordered after you book your ticket on the GoingPostal website. Only paint purchased for this event can be used. Any other paint brought on site will be confiscated. ABSOLUTELY NO COLOURED PAINT CAN BE USED ON SITE. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR MARKER BREACH, LOADER AND PODS ARE ALL CLEAR OF ANY COLOURED PAINTBALLS.

We recommend buying and securing your ticket before purchasing paint afterwards. There will be a deadline on paint sales which will be 4 weeks before the event but confirmed closer to the time.

All this for £55.

Both sides tickets will be available HERE. Tickets will go onsale at 7pm on Friday the 4th of January.

We highly recommend you register on the site before the 7pm kick off as it will greatly speed up your purchase. There is a 90p processing fee that is added automatically during checkout. No physical ticket is sent. You will receive a confirmation of your purchase from the Going Postal store that includes an invoice number.

Payment can be made via Paypal only through the Going Postal website.

We recommend buying and securing your ticket before purchasing paint afterwards.


NB: This is not a standard paintball site. This is a working military base and as such a level of behaviour is expected of attendees. Abusive behaviour to any of the staff or MP’s on site will see you walked off either by them or by us. We are able to use these sites at the kind behest of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and we will not tolerate any behaviour that jeopardizes future games in such settings. There will be a STRICT no dry firing, no pyro and no stupid antics policy in the camping area. If you breech ANY of these rules you will be given one polite chance to pack your gear and remove yourself from site or you will be removed either by us or the MP’s. There will be no refunds and a ban from any future Going Postal organised event for any breaches of this warning.

NBB(?). As previously stated, this is a live operational MOD facility and as such is subject to last minute changes in booking if operations require it. Therefore there is a very, very, very slim chance that our date might be changed with very little notice. This risk is considered very, very small. It goes without saying that all tickets would be valid for the new date.