Super Six Four – Rype Village

Going Postal Paintball Events Presents

Super Six-Four


Super six-four is going down, going down, super six-four is going down, we’re hit we are going down …………………

A Going- Postal Tactical Scenario….

Sunday 6th July 2014….A continuous 6 hour Tactical Scenario…..

We have secured access to another of the British Army’s finest FIBUA training facilities.

Rype Village is a purpose built urban training area within Lydd Army Camp & Ranges in Kent, England. Rype has been used for over 40 years to prepare troops for active duty in global trouble spots like Sierra Leone, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan & Iraq.

The site features rows of terraced streets and a housing estate, complete with gardens, back alleys and shops, typical of many towns in the UK. Thrown into the mix are wrecked cars, rubble strewn waste ground and shipping container shanties. We think this is, without doubt, the most authentic urban environment you’ll play paintball in this year!

Tickets are £45 for this Tactical Scenario. This event is strictly limited to 160 players, with tickets being sold on a first come first served basis. Tickets and paint are available from now!

Who will you play for? Rangers, Delta Force, Somali Militia or Somali National Alliance (SNA). To be a bit different we will decide generals from the player list for each faction closer to the time.

If the event is cancelled you will receive a full refund for Ticket / Paint purchased. If booking a Hotel for the Saturday night we recommend you take the insurance to cover a cancellation.

As with other events held on MoD property, this is Clear Event Paint Only. You can order your clear paint for £30 per case of 2000 paintball’s through the shop link above.

We recommend buying and securing your ticket before purchasing paint afterwards. There will be a deadline on paint sales which will be approx 3 weeks before the event but confirmed closer to the time.

Please Note:
This event is being held at an operational MoD facility, and as such there are some rules that you must agree to if you wish to attend. These are more strict than usual event requirements so read carefully!

You MUST provide the name and address of EVERY person attending this event. Please do so in the comments section of the store checkout. If you fail to provide this information prior to the event you will not be permitted onsite. No refunds will be given in the event you are denied access to site for failing to provide this information!

You MUST bring valid Photographic Identification to this event (Driving License or Passport). Without valid ID you will not be permitted onsite. No refunds will be given in the event you are denied access to site for failing to provide valid ID!

You MUST arrive at the Main Gate of Lydd Camp between 0630hrs and 0830hrs on Sunday 6th July 2014. Once you have passed the Main Gate, you are to remain on site for the duration of the event, i.e. until 16:00hr. (If you do need to leave earlier than this time you may do so, however you will not be permitted to return, and no refunds will be given.)