12 – Copehill Down

Going Postal ‘s Big Game of 2014



Copehill Down is going to get Jacked!

Will you fight for the Dog Soldiers and CTU to try and save Los Angeles or will you side with the Union of Terrorists and those evil (can-caning) SPS!

The main game will start at 10am on Saturday and play straight through till 10pm in the evening. Every hour the mission will change, new intel will be uncovered, new plots unveiled! Be  prepared to think and fight hard all day!

Sunday will see one final 4 hour dust up to decide the ultimate fate of Los Angeles. That’s 16 hours of paintball over the weekend!


Tickets will be £60 each and are available from The Going Postal Webstore


Paint will be Sterling Clear paint, £30 a case (for 2,000 balls) and will be available by pre-order through the Going Postal Webstore. There may be limited paint availability over the weekend but do not rely on that.

Only paint purchased for this event can be used. Any other paint brought on site will be confiscated. ABSOLUTELY NO COLOURED PAINT CAN BE USED ON SITE. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR MARKER BREACH, LOADER AND PODS ARE ALL CLEAR OF ANY COLOURED PAINTBALLS.

We recommend buying and securing your ticket before purchasing paint afterwards. There will be a deadline on paint sales which will be approx 3 weeks before the event but confirmed closer to the time.


There will be limited camping for the event and will be on a first come first serve basis. When you have purchased your ticket, PM GoingPostal on UKS or message us on Facebook and request a camp pitch. There are no showers onsite and the “facilities” are what you would expect for an MOD base in the middle of the Salisbury Plains.


Catering will be provided by the MOD’s onsite catering contractor. We are awaiting a confirmed price list for 2014 but last years prices where very reasonable.


As always Pyro will count for kills. The full rules will be in the players pack but if you have played an urban game before you will know the drill. Pyro will be site pyro only!!

A full list of traders will be supplied closer to the time.

Players Pack
The players pack will be released one month before the event with full details of everything going on over the weekend, the game rules, directions etc. Please don’t ask beforehand….it makes Dodge’s hair fall out and he doesn’t have a lot of it to start with!

And Finally
We have some more stuff up our sleeves which we will release throughout the coming months. Tip on the first one, if you are a magfed player, be excited.


This is not a standard paintball site. This is a working military base and as such a level of behaviour is expected of attendees. Abusive behaviour to any of the staff or MP’s on site will see you walked off either by them or by us. We are able to use these sites at the kind behest of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and we will not tolerate any behaviour that jeopardizes future games in such settings. There will be a STRICT no dry firing, no pyro and no stupid antics policy in the camping area. If you breech ANY of these rules you will be given one polite chance to pack your gear and remove yourself from site or you will be removed either by us or the MP’s. There will be no refunds and a ban from any future Going Postal organised event for any breaches of this warning.

NB . err 2. As previously stated, this is a live operational MOD facility and as such is subject to last minute changes in booking if operations require it. Therefore there is a very, very, very slim chance that our date might be changed with very little notice. As this is the Easter weekend this risk is considered very, very small. It goes without saying that all tickets will be valid for any rearranged date.