Posted by dodge on Apr 22, 2014
Kursk 2014

Kursk 2014

DSC_0412Last weekend a large contingent from Going Postal rocked up to Bullswood Skirmish for their Kursk game. After enjoying last years immensely there was high expectation from the team that this would be a fun event. As per last year we fought for the Germans under Obengroupbimbler Coalthief alongside one of our favourite teams to play with (and against!) the Dog Soldiers. The result was a victory but more importantly it was a fun day with great, fair paintball, no complaints where heard about over shooters, wipers or any other shenanigans. The opening tank battle involved the Germans defending the line to stop the Russians making it into the treeline. Not necessarily our cup of tea sitting back and defending but mission accomplished and then after one hour we were allowed to counter attack we could break out and start pushing back…..

The afternoon saw us break into the woods and after a long fairly even battle the Germans managed to flank the Russians and gain the territory and flags we needed for the win. The Russians fought hard all day long and were great opponents. Kudos to Ken and his side for such a hard fought day.

We also welcomed another new member into the Postal Special family….Mav…welcome on board…it’s too late to change your mind! One of us! One of us!

Thanks to Alan from the Dog Soldiers for the photos!

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